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(After a Long Nap)

Choreographed by: Olivia Nestrick

Dancers: Maddie Ury, Lizzie Pease, Emma Adams, Callie Laubacher, Ella Battesti, Olivia Nestrick, Bailey Layish, Caitlyn Berrini, Lauren Byrne

Music: "In Seven Notebook" by Olivia Nestrick

"This piece is about having fun despite tough circumstances and coping with humor. It has a tremendous amount of meaning to the choreographer, as the months leading up to the PDE showcase were filled with depression and low motivation, and she wasn’t sure the piece would come together. Fortunately, it did, and she wanted nothing more than for herself and the dancers to be able to let loose and laugh." -Olivia


Choreographed by: Amelia Giacobetti

Dancers: Sophia Beigi, Eva Brady, Lauren Byrne, Luke Profy

Music: "July 4, 2020: Aphelion" by Sleeping At Last

"The inspiration for this dance came from my relationship with my grandfather over the past few years as he lived with dementia. Movements within this dance represent the feelings of increased distance between the person that we once knew and those around him. The word “aphelion” describes when a planet, asteroid, or comet is at its furthest point from the sun. Healing begins when we find comfort in the memories we have with the person that seems so far away." -Amelia


Choreographed by: Alexis DiNardo

Dancers: Mary Burke, Zanna Colcombe, Morgan Faircloth, Alexis Giobbi, Julia Lombardi, Emily Schultz, Kaitlyn Weaving 

Music: Desperado by Rihanna

"For this piece, I did not have a story in mind when choreographing, it was more about what felt good in the moment. This is an upbeat jazz funk piece that I just wanted the dancers to have fun and feel good doing." -Alexis


Choreographed by: Maddie Ury

Dancers: Caitlyn Berrini, Sivan Lurie, Olivia Nestrick, Maddie Ury, Emma Zawacki 

Music: Fire by Sara Bareilles

"I’ve always really liked this song and the powerful beats and sounds it creates. I just wanted to create a fun tap piece where the movements and sounds reflect that empowerment." -Maddie

Four Walls

Choreography by: Lukas Milby

Dancers: Ida Reilsono, Abbie Krefta, Ella Battistelli, Kaylee Hine

Music: "Four Walls" by Bastille

"This song has always inspired me to choreograph a modern piece where there are four dancers utilizing every muscle to mirror and oppose each other. This piece is all about coming together despite one’s mental health." -Lukas

In Case You Don't Live Forever

Choreographed by: Isabella Baliant

Dancers: Maddy Dean, Emma Adams, Rayna Schoenberger

Music: "In Case You Don’t Live Forever" by Ben Platt

"This song has to do with thanking a person for the role they played creating the person they are today. This dance is all about thanking those friends or fellow dancers who have been there especially during this crazy time. The dancers look at each other throughout the dance and acknowledge how fellow dancers can help us to become who we want to through their support and inspiration." -Isabella


Choreographed by: Luke Profy


  1. Red – Sophia Beigi

  2. Orange – Morgan Ottley 

  3. Yellow – Amelia Giacobetti & Mary Burke

  4. Cream – Katherine Kerr

  5. Green – Kelsey Halloran

  6. Blue – Megan Marowski & Delainey Warshel

  7. Violet – Eva Brady

  8. Black – Emily Schultz  & Zanna Colcombe

  9. Brown – Jess Wolff 

  10. White – Alexis DiNardo

Music: Various pieces by Phillip Glass

Filming/Editing: Sammy Orlowski

"This piece is a collection of solos and duets focusing on and inspired by the exploration and nature of the color spectrum and the continuous emotions that correlate to the discrete colors." -Luke


Choreographed by: Emily Puglisi

Dancers: Ella Kathleen Battistelli, Emily Puglisi

Music: "Sydney" by Caravan Palace

"There’s no particular meaning behind this piece to me. I enjoyed listening to this music so I wanted to have choreography that mimicked that. I also wanted to use some props because as space was limited, it was time to get creative!" -Emily

To Die For

Choreographed by Zanna Colcombe

Dancers: Alexis DiNardo, Morgan Faircloth, Julia Trunzo, Julia Lombardi, Kaitlyn Weaving, Mary Burke, Lauren Dubanowitz, Callie Laubacher 

Music: "To Die For" by Sam Smith

"The piece I created is a detailed contemporary dance with solos where the dancers embraced themselves. The parts where they came together signified unity as Sam smith longed for that in the lyrics of his song." -Zanna

Togetherness in Chaos

Choreographed by: Kelsey Halloran

Dancers: Jess Cash, Amelia Giacobetti, Emily Schultz, Julia Trunzo, Delainey Warshel

Music: "As The World Caves In" by Matt Maltese

Filming/Editing: Brooke Ross

"Juxtaposing the independent movement of the choreography with the close proximity of the dancers, this piece explores finding reprieve and release from the burdens we carry during these trying times.  As the dancers physically come together in the end, we are reminded that despite our individual struggles we must support each other through empathy, a message I hope will translate into our world sooner rather than later." -Kelsey

We're Still Dancing

Class of 2021 Senior Dance! 

Choreographed by: Luke Profy

Dancers: Olivia Nestrick, Bailey Layish, Jessica Wolff, Maddie Ury, Emily Moyer, Emily Kunko, Luke Profy 

Music: "I’m Still Standing" by Elton John

Filming/Editing: Sammy Orlowski

"COVID won’t stop us seniors as we make the most of dancing distantly in these hard times. Whatever the world and life throws at us, we’re always gonna still be dancing." -'21 seniors

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Choreographed by: Marie Akoto and Jacqueline Perich

Dancers: Marie Akoto, Amelia Barkman,Sophia Bumbera,Jessica Cash, Jacqueline Perich, Abigail Wilson

Music: "Love Is Not All" by Edna St. Vincent Millay

Filming: Riley Kleemeier


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