Meet the choreographers!



Title of Dance: Desperado

My name is Alexis DiNardo and I am in my first year at Pitt. I plan to double major in Computer Science and Digital Narrative & Interactive Design. This is my first year dancing and choreographing in PDE. 


Title of Dance: Aphelion

My name is Amelia Giacobetti and I am a third year nursing student pursuing a certificate in global health. This is my third year dancing in PDE and first time choreographing a dance for PDE. Outside of dance, I am a member of Delta Epsilon Mu and a nursing assistant at UPMC. 



Title of Dance: §wøø§h

Hi! My name is Emily Puglisi, and I am a second year nursing major. I have danced pretty much all my life and I love the creative expression that it allows individuals. Choreography is still a new skill for me, but I love to experiment with new music and movements. 


Title of Dance: In Case You Don't Live Forever

My name is Isabella Balint and I am a ƒreshman here hoping to major in neuroscience with a minor in dance. This is my first year in PDE and I am so happy that I decided to join! I have been dancing since the age of five and was on a competition team for ten years. Outside of PDE, I am also a part of Pitt Dance Marathon which raises money for children at Children’s Miracle Network through programs and culminates with a twelve hour dance marathon. 



Title of Dance: « words to dance by »

(choreographed with Marie)

My name is Jacqueline Perich, and I have been dancing for 14 years, enjoying ballet and jazz the most. I have had experience choreographing for over 5 musicals. I am so happy to have the opportunity to choreograph with such a good friend.


Title of Dance: Togetherness in Chaos

My name is Kelsey Halloran and I am a junior here at Pitt studying Rehabilitation Science on the pre-physical therapy track.  This is my third year in PDE, and I am a member of the executive board.  Outside of PDE, I am a member of Kappa Kappa Gamma and work as a rehabilitation aide at UPMC Sports Medicine.



Title of Dance: Four Walls 

My name is Lukas Milby and I am a sophomore here at Pitt! I am majoring in Nursing. This is my first year in PDE.  Outside of PDE, I am a part of Pitt’s Color Guard where I am a squad leader! 


Title of Dance: Monochromisms

My name is Luke Profy and I am a senior mathematics major with minors in Dance and Classical Civilizations. I have been a member of PDE for all 4 years of my college career, served on PDE Board the past two years, and have been dancing since I was 7. I am graduating this semester and accepting a position as a high school math teacher. While this isn’t the senior year piece I envisioned, I enjoyed the challenge and different creative process. 



Title of Dance: Fire

My name is Maddie Ury and I am a senior here at Pitt! I’m double majoring in Public Professional Writing and Psychology, with a minor in Creative Writing. This is my fourth year in PDE, and my fourth time choreographing for PDE. I’m also a member of the executive board. 


Title of Dance: « words to dance by »

(choreographed with Jacqueline)

My name is Marie Akoto and I am a third year Political Science & English Writing student pursuing a minor in dance. This is my second year choreographing and dancing in PDE. Outside of PDE I am in Phi Alpha Delta, a small group leader for CHAARG, and a marketing intern at a local high school.


Title of Dance: (After a Long Nap)

My name is Olivia Nestrick, and I’m a senior this year! I’m a Psychology major and I am minoring in dance. I’ve participated in PDE since my first year at Pitt, and I’ve loved every minute of it. My favorite style is tap, and this is the third tap piece I’ve choreographed for the Ensemble. I’m so thankful for PDE - without this club, I may never have danced again! 


Title of Dance: To Die For

My name is Zanna Colcombe. I am a freshman and my major is Pre-Rehabilitation Science hoping to go to grad school for Physical Therapy. This is my first year in PDE and choreographing a group dance. I have been dancing for 6 years and I hope to continue dancing when I am older.